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Theses Available at the Department Library

No. Title Researcher Name  Supervisors Year Date University
1 Comparative study on water quality from settling tank and pulsator Ahmed Hossam Eldin Hassan Dr.Kamal Eldin Hakam - Dr Hassan.H.Mtwally 1974 Mar-74 Alex
2 The role of consanguinity in foetal loss Kamal Mohamed Kamel Naguib Dr.A.F.Elsherbini - Dr.M.Aboul Enin 1975 Alex
3 Effect of posture due t nature of work  on varicose veins of lower limbs Fathia Ali Mohamed Gooda Dr.Yassin M.Elsadik -Dr.Mohamed Hussein 1975 Alex
4 Review of the respiratiory effects of occupational expouser of vegetable dusts other than cotton Mona Abdel Fattah El Sherif Dr.Mohamed Elshabrawi - Dr.Gamal El Samra 1976 Oct-76
5 A study of emergency surgical department in alexandria main university hospital  El Sayed Mahmoud Elsayed Salem Dr.A.Z.Zaghloul - Dr.K.M.Nazif 1977 Alex
6 Effect of personality on absenteeism of workers and its pattern Mohamed Ebrahim Kamel Dr.Nahid M.Kamel - Dr.Mahmoud K.Elshazely -Dr Seham Rashed 1978 Alex
7 The relationship of personality to menestruation in seconary school age Yousria Abdel Aziz Badawy Dr.Nahid M.Kamel - Dr.Mohamed T.Gaafer - Dr.Ahmed M.Abdel Khalek 1978 Alex
8 A study on the prevalence of trichomonas vaginalis among gynaecological pattents attending shatby hospital Amir Mahmoud Saad Ahmed  Dr.Ibrahim M.Morad -Dr.Hany A.Abdel Rahman-Dr.Rasheda M.Barakat- Dr.Abtissam A.Omar 1978 Alex
9 Study of the nature and outcome of hospitalised obstetric cases in cairo university hospital Nafosa Ali Afif Dr.Ibrahim Fouad Khalil -Dr.M.Samir Younis -Dr.Mervet El Rafie 1978 Cairo
10 Electrophysiological and clinical  assessments of workers exposed to certain chemicals in synthetic resin factory at mansoura Ahmed Niazy Sleem Dr.Mohamed Elshabrawi Ali - Dr.Shaker Arif Abdallah Ali 1979
11 Evaluation of counselling services given by the medical team responsible for treating childern suffering from gastro-enteritis in alex university  Shahira Mahmoud El Amrawy Dr.Nahid M.Kamel -Dr.Wasfia H.Kamel -Dr.Khadiga A.Ali 1979 Alex
12 Hygienic conditions of some frozen vegetables Eglal Abdel Salam Ghoneim Salem Dr.Abdel Hadi Elmolla -Dr.Ezzat K.Amin -Dr.Hesham B.El Derea 1979 Alex
13 Evaluation of nutrition services in a cigarettes factory Mohamed Moustafa Salem Dr.Raouf A.Kader El Gammal 1980 Cairo
14 Epidmiology aspects of injuries due to occuptional accidents in a textile factory  Fathi Mahmoud El Gamal  Dr.Nahid M.Kamel -Dr.Yassin M.Elsadik - Dr M.T.A.Gaafer  1980 Alex
15 The effect of family socio-economic charateristics of pyhysical growth of primary school children Nadia Hosny Rizkhalla Dr.Aly Massoud - Dr.Ahmed Shereif Hafez  1980
16 Evaluation of the effect of respiratory exercises on ventiltory functions of some types of pneumoconiosis Shams E.A.Noussa Dr.Azza Abd Elhady - Dr.Ahmed M.Emara 1980
17 An epidemiologigal  study on the association between  some environnental  and personal factors and post-neonatal infant mor tality in ismallia Youssef Waheeb Melek Dr Ali Massoud -Dr Hassan Abu Zeid  1981 Ain Shams
18 Immunofluorescent localization of inmumoglobulins in nasal polypi  Mona Sobhy Siha  Dr.Salah El Din A. Elashmawi -Dr .Abdalla M.Khalil-Dr Ahmed F.Elsayed 1981 Cairo
19 Some lead parameters in evaluation of lead intoxication  Abdel Azim Adel Aziz Mohamed Dr.Ali Massoud -Dr.Rifky Faris -Dr. Ahmed Abdel Karim 1981 Ain Shams
20 Study of the pattern of health services in factories in ismallia Mostafa Abdel Aziz Mostafa Dr.Ali Massoud -Dr.Hassan Abu Zeid  1981 Ain Shams
21 Computer system for record keeping and updating  Mohamed Salah Ibraheem Dr.Ali A.Emassoud -Dr. Mohamed Hassan Hussein 1981 Ain Shams
22 Accuracy of  death certifiation fornischaemic heart disease Malak Ahmed Elmogahaazy 1981 Dundee
23 Effects of physical therapy program on the ventilatory function of workers exposed torespiratory irritants in fertilizers industry Ayman Ibrahin Raafet Dr.Azza A.Abdel Hady -Dr. Ahmed M. Emara-Dr.M. Samir El  Attar 1981 Cairo
24 Study of the extra auditory effects of noise  Zeinab Mohamed Ali Yousef  Dr.Gamal Hosny El Samra-Dr. Ahmed Zaghloul 1981 Cairo
25 Prevalence of rota virus among rurl childern during winter mnoths Mahmoud Radwan Mohamed Dr. Ali Maassoud -Dr.Aziz El Kholy  1981 Cairo
26 Lead expouser among children Nashwa Mahmoud Radwan Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Zaghloul -Dr.Abu Baker Abbass Hussien -Dr Amal Mohamed Al Safty 1982 Cairo
27 Hepatic hazard among user's of oral contraceptives in menofoia governerate  Layla Shehata Abdal Hamid Dr.Ali Massoud -Dr Mahmoud K.Al Sobky  1982 Ain Shams
28 Study of the nature of aortic root moition by echocardiography Abbas M.Bassam El Begearmy Dr M.Khairy Abdel Dayaem - Dr.Amal Ayob 1982 Cairo
29 Electromography in lead expoused workers Samia Mohamed Khaier Ali Dr.Fawkia Moursi -Dr Ahmed Zaghloul  1982 Cairo
30 Morbidity and use of health services among fertile woman practicing family planning in egyptain village  Taghreed Mohamed Mahmoud Dr.Khalilm.M.Elkashlan - Dr.Samir.M.Kheder 1982 Tanta
31 The effect of bioaccumulation of certain organic insecticides on some biological functions of fish Osama Mohamed Ahmed  Dr.Osman H.Enan -Dr.Soraya El Fiki -Dr.Mahmoud H.Salem -Dr.Essam Enan 1982 Alex
32 Health condition of new students admitted to monophia university an epidemiological study Osama Mohamed Wassif Dr.Mohamed Talaat Elgarhy - Dr.Fawzy Rizk Fadalla 1982 Cairo
33 Effects of physical therapy on workers with chronic obstructive lung disease in jute and hemp industry  Shaaban Abd El Nabi El Amaway Dr.Azza A.Abdel Hady -Dr. Ahmed M. Emara-Dr.M. Samir El  Attar 1982 Cairo
34 Allergic skin affections of workers in ammonia fertilizers manufacture Abd El Hamid El Miligy Dr.Mohamed El Shabrawi Ali - Dr.Ibrahim Mansour Abu Zeid 1982 Mansoura
35 Survey study of orthopaedic traumatology in northern cairo Hala Mostafa El Hadi Dr.Hosni Abdel Rahman -Dr.Galal Kaim Dr.Nawal Maymoon  1983
36 Ocular hazards in some industries  Mohamed Abdel Moneimq Dr.Ahmed M.Mara -Dr.Mahmoud M.Omr -Dr.Gamal A.Barhouma 1983 Cairo
37 Study of growth of pre-term infant Maha Mohamed Ghobashi Dr.Ahmed Hanfy Mahmoud -Dr.Nadia Hassan Badrawi  1983 Cairo
38 Growth hormone level in protein calorie malnutrition  Omar El Sayed El Shourbagy Dr.Kamelia Ibrahim Abdel Fattah -Dr.Amal Edris Ali -Dr.Hamed Ahmed Elkhayat 1983 Ain Shams
39 Acceptability of poplulation to contraceptive methods in sharkia governorate Fadya El Sayed El Sabbagh Dr.Ahmed Hanfy Mahmoud -Dr.Ahmed Fawzy Abdel Salam 1983 Cairo
40 Prelimenary study of mycoflora in sputum of egyptain tea workers and screening of their sera for antifungle precipitins Ahmed Asmetel Syed Ali Dr.Ali Massoud -Dr-Youssef Abel Ghani  1983 Cairo
41 The  safe period method of contraception in some villages of gharbia governorate Elsayed Abdel Rahman El Kafas Dr.Khalil M.Elskashlan .Dr-M.Samir Kheder -Dr.Safaa K.Marhei 1983 Tanta
42 Drag abuse in an industrial sector  Bakry Mohamed El Sherif  Dr Ahmed Emara -Dr Ahmed Zaghloul  1983 Cairo
43 Study of the effect of noise on some cardiovascular system paramters among textile workers Ezzat Abdel Fattah Afifi Dr.Gamal Hosny El Samra - Dr.Ahmed Emara 1983 Cairo
44 Enviromental prevalence and natural reservoirs of enteropathogenic campylobacter in alexandria egypt  Moustafa Ibrahim Mourad Dr.Afaf Elsaid Rakha - Dr.Abdel Aziz A.El Ghoroury -Dr.August Louis Bourgeois  1983 Alex
45 Health hazard in the use of benzene as a fuel additive  Bahira Mohamed Said Lotfy Dr.Gamal Hosny Elsamra -Dr.Ahmed Hussien Abdel Kerim 1984
46 Study and determination of the nature and concentration of some polluting elements of egyptain enviroment  Said Hanfy Abdel Haleem Dr.S.K.Tobia - Dr.M.F.Elshahat -Dr.A.B.Elsayed Dr.G.Eldin M.Moussa 1984 Ain Shams
47 Epidmiological features of individuals bitten by rabies reservoir animals attending the two vaccination center in alexandria  Samia Abdel Aziz Abou Khatwa Dr.Mahmoud K.Elshazly - Dr.Khadiga A.Khalil - Dr.Dorrya E.Meleis 1984 Alex
48 Blood pressure patterns among preparatory and secondary school students in ismailia city Sobhy Ahmed Sobhy Dr.Mohamed Talaat Elgarhy - Dr.Fathy Abdel Hameed  1984
49 Health problems among kaha good  industry in sharkia governorate Mahmoud El Sayed El Sadawi Dr.Aly Massoud - Dr.Ahmed Abdel Karim - Dr.Samir Mohamed Wassi 1984
50 Prevalence of malnutration among infants in assiut governorate cross sectional study Farag Mohamed Moftah Dr.Abd El Hamid I.Guinena - Dr.Mohamed A.El.F. Abdallah - Dr.Ali H.Zarzour 1984 Assiut
51 Feeding of young childern  Mohamed Hassan Qayed Dr.Abd El Hamid I.Guinena-Dr.Ali H.Zarzour 1985 Assiut
52 Epidemiological features of mothers with obstructed  labour assisted by caesarean  sections forceps or vacuum extractions Hoda Ghareeb Mohamed Drnabila Mohamed Hidayet-Dr.Ibrahim Azab 1985 Alex
53 Study of some work -related diseases  Mona  Sobhy Siha Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Emara-Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Zaghloul 1985 Cairo
54 Study of knowledge attitude and practice of family planning among industrial female workers Abdel Razek Ali Awad El Shar Dr.Ali Massoud-Dr.Mohamed Ahmed El Mosalamy-Dr. Abdel Aziz Mohamed Kamal 1985 Cairo
55 Health problems among rice polishing workers in sharkia governorate Ahmed Refaat Abdel Gaffar Ahmed Dr.Aly A.E Massoud - Dr. Hosny Abdel Raman- Dr.Said Khalifa 1985 Zagazig
56 Approach to 1983 leishmania survey analysis computer model development Aisha Mohamed Abouel Fetouh Dr. Rifky Faris -Dr. Mohsen Gadala 1985 Ain Shams
57 Combined effect of exposure to silica dust and bilharzial infection Mahmoud Ali Ebrahim Salih Dr.Nawal Maymon-Dr.Hosny Ahmed Abd El Rahman-Dr. Hassan Hassan Hamadto 1985 Cairo
58 Prevalence of cardiovascular changes among workers exposed to heat in glass industry Essam Mohamed El Sawaf  Dr.Gamal Hosny El -Samra -Dr. Hosny Ahmed Abdel Rahman-Dr. Nawal Mohamed Maymoun 1985 Zagazig
59 Epidemiological featurs of leprotic cases and current knowledge of cases and physicians about leprosy in alexandria Mohamed  Hany Abdel Galil El Gezery Dr.Mahmoud Khalil El -Shazly -Dr.Khadiga Amin Khalil 1985 Alex
60 Silicosis among workers in sand bricks industry Gaafar Mohamed A.E.Hassan 1985 Ain Shams
61 Hla typing patients with renal calculi  Madehat Mohamed Saber Ashour  Dr.Afaf Elsaid Rakha - Dr.Toson Abou Al Azm - Dr.Soud Zaki  1985 Alex
62 Feeding of young childern  Magdy Mahmoud El Essawy  Dr.Gamal Hosny El Samra - Dr.Ahmed Zaghloul - Dr.Ferderic Berge Ananian 1985 Cairo
63 A retrospective study of endoscopic examination of upper gastrointestinal tract  Laila M.A.El Gohoroy Dr.Ahmed Hanafy Mahmoud - Dr.Shukry Hunter - Dr.Mohamed Hassan Hussien  1985 Cairo
64 A sociomedicail study on the epidemiology of juvenile onset diabetes mellitus in mansoura school age childern (under 15) Mohamed Kamel Farag  Dr.Olfat Farag Ali - Dr.Fadi Zaki Hanafy 1985 Mansoura 
65 Epidemiological study of hypoglycaemia among diabetic workers of nasr glass factory Hassan El Said Abdel Salam El Far Dr.Mohamed A. Mostafa - Dr.Hosny A,Abdel Rahman 1985 Zagazig
66 Some biochemical changes in chronic manganese expouser in metalllorgical and dry battery idustries Saadia Ibrahim Mohamed Dr.Abdel Samei Mahmoud - Dr.Ahmed Emara - Dr.Elsayed A.Eldessoukey 1985 Cairo
67 Health profile of workers in petroleum industry in egypt Abo Moslem Ebrahim Shehata  Dr.Fawzy R.A.Gadallah - Dr.Aly Massoud - Dr Nabil Abo El Ela  1985 Al Azhar
68 Differential magnitude of high risk pregnancy in rural and urban communities  El Sayed Hassan Abdel Hamid  Dr .Fawzy Gadallah - Dr.Ahmed Fawzy Abdel Salem - Dr.Samir Mohamed Wassif  1985 Zagazig
69 Ecology of fungal skin diseases among pupils of basic education in alexandria Azza Mohamed Galal Farghaly Dr. Amal Khairy -Dr. Ezzat M. Hassan -Dr. Amira Kotkat 1986 Alex
70 Clinical and biochemical assessment of vitamin astatus in preschool age and infants Douaa Ahmed Mohamed Atta Dr. Fatma Maamoun Abou Hashema-Dr. Waheed M.El Harrizi 1986 Cairo
71 Prevalence of smoking among assiut university students social and behavioural profile Hosnia Faid Abd El -Megeed Dr.Hammam M.Hammam-Dr.Sherif Omar-Dr. Farida A.M. Allam 1986 Assiut
72 Study of some  effects of occupational expouser of zinc phosphide pesticide Mahmoud Abdallah Nahla  Dr.Gamal Hosny Elsamra -Dr.Mahmoud Mohamed Amr  1986 Cairo
73 Congenital heart disease in children  Omneya R.Elmahgoub Dr.Ibrahim F.Kalil -Dr. Hussien K.B.Eldin - Dr.Mohamd H.Hussein 1986 Cairo
74 Iron deficiency anaemia in manganese workers  Amal Mohamd Kamal El Safety  Dr.Gamal Hosny Elsamra - Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Zaghloul - Dr.Emad Zaki Abbas 1986 Cairo
75 Study of prevalence of bronchial asthma among workers in misr milk food company el amiria area Yousry Wahba  Hindy Dr.Rifky Faris - Dr.Ahmed K.Mortagy 1986 Ain Shams
76 The trend of age of marriage in last half a century and its associated health features of offsprings  Rabaa Moahmed Abdel Hady Dr Ahmed Foud El Sherbeiny -Dr.Hosny Ahmed Abdel Rahman - Dr.Nawal Maimoun  1986 Zagazig
77 Study of the prevalence of bronchical asthma in tork karamos village of el sharkia governorate  Mohamed Rizk Ahmed Mohamed  Dr.Mohamd Esmat Mahmoud - Dr.Mohamed Talaat El Garhy - Dr.Faris Mohamed Ouf 1986 Al Azhar
78 Study of some sweat electrolytes in recurrent chest infections I children Nabil Mohamed Fouad  Dr.Mohamd Esmat Mahmoud - Dr.Fouad Aly El Behairy -Dr.Ayda Mohamed Ibrahim 1986 Al Azhar
79 Studies I contact dermatitis and its mechanism Mohamed Salah Ibraheem Dr.M.Abdel Rahiem Abd Allah - Dr.M,Farid Abdel Latif  1986 Ain Shams
80 Computer manipulation of medical records of the university hospital of faculty of mdicine benha division zagazig univrsity Omar Hilal El Hattab Dr.Hosni Abdel Rahman - Dr.Mohamed Hassan Hussien -Dr.Galal Kaim  1986 Zagazig
81 The relation between malnutration and cellular immunity Mohammed Yehia El Awady  Dr.Rifky Faris - Dr.Mahmoud Radwan 1986 Ain Shams
82 Association between induced aboration and the course of asubsequent pregnancy and birth Hisham Mohamed Abdel Fattah Mahaba Dr.Rifky Faris - Dr.Mohamed Farouk Fikry - Dr.Mohsen A.Gadallah 1986 Ain Shams
83 Water contact studies on schistosomiasis in el minia governorate Mahmoud Abdel Fattah  Dr.Hammam M.Hammam- Dr.Ahmad Mohamd Mandour -Dr.Anwar Mohamed Orieby 1986 Minia
84 Sex differences and ABO typing in vitamin d deficiency rickets in egypt  Fadia Youof Abd Al Mageed  Dr.Farida Ahmed Farid - Dr.Mohamed Salah El Kholy  1987 Ain Shams
85 Relation between obesity and the outcome of pregnancy  Maha S.Z.Elrabbatt Dr.Marvat El Rafei - Dr.Mohamoud K.A.Rahman - Dr.Madiha Saiid  1987 Cairo
86 Situational assessment of personality dimensions of alexandria university teaching stuff  Mervat Wagdi Abou Nazel  Dr.Sawsan I.Fahmy - Dr.Intissar A Younis - Dr.Amira Gamal Seif Eldin 1987 Alex
87 Prevalence of epistaxis among primary school children in ismailia city and district Abdel Mageed Ahmed Abdel Mageed Dr.Mohammed Ibrahim Shehata - Dr.Mohammed Noshi El Ateby - Dr.Mostafa Abdel Aziz 1987 Suze Canal
88 Toxoplasmosis amon primary school children in arural area  Kholoud Yehia Ahmed Tayel  Dr.Fatma Abdel Khalik Basiouni - Dr.Enaya Abdel Kader Saleh - Dr.Nadia Khamis Soliman 1987 Alex
89 A study of the effect of decreasing the period of basic medical instruction on the scientific level of medical students Ossama Abdel Rahman Mostafa Dr.Hammam M.Hammam - Dr.Ali H.Zarzour - Dr.Mohamed Ali M.Eltorky 1988 Assiut
90 The prevalence of anaemia among females in the reproductive period of life in a rural area of assuit  Omima El Gibaly Mohamed Hilmy Dr.Hammam M.Hammam -Dr.Ali H.Zarzour - Dr.M.El Tahtawy 1988 Assiut
91 Evaluation of hearing loss among workers testing guns in military factories  Eman Hawash Ibrahim Dr.Gamal Elsamra - Dr.Samir El Ghawaby - Dr.Abo Baker Abbas 1988 Cairo
92 Morbidity and use of health services among fertile woman practicing family planning in egyptain village  Nadira Mansour Mohamed Hassan Dr.Mohamed Samir Khedr - Dr.Khalil Mohamed El Kashlan - Dr.Salah Ahmed Shohieb 1988 Tanta
93 Study of health profile of the workers exposed to petrochemical compounds in cooperative pertoleum co  Mohamed Elhamy Sayed Nada Dr.Hosny Ahmed Abdel Rahman - Dr.Ahmed Abdel Karim  1988
94 A study of risk factors affecting the occurrence of otitis media among children  Mohamed Salama Abou Zaid  Dr.Khalil Mohamed El Kashlan - Dr.Salem Abdel Latif - Dr.Entissar Soliman 1988 Tanta
95 Study of mortality of workers at the iron and steel industry in egypt during the period from 1982 -1986 Sabah El Sayed Shehata Dr.Rifky Faris Hanna Allah - Dr.Mostafa Kamal Eldeen Mohamed  1988 Ain Shams
96 Prevalence of significant bacteriuria among woman delivered by cesaraen section at ain shams university maternity hospital  Sahar Moh.S.Sabbour  Dr.Ali Massoud - Dr.Tahani Abdel Hameed -Dr.Maged M.R .Abou Seeda  1988 Ain Shams
97 A study of feeding nd oral rehydration practices of  motnhers during acute infantile diarrhea Abdel Aziz Ismail Yassin Dr. Mohamed Samir Khedr -Dr.Mohamed Amr Hamam -Dr. Hagras El -Morsi Hagras 1989 Tanta
98 Assessment of some psychological aspects of preparatory school students of single-parent families in alexandria  Randa Mahmoud Youssef Abdel Rahman Dr.Mahmoud Khalil El -Shazly  -Dr. Amira Seif El Din -Dr. Mervat Hassanein  1989 Alex
99 Anthropometric profil of femal students of zagazig university Samia Said Ali El Gohary Dr.Hosni A.Abd El Rahman -Dr.Karima A,E.Seror-Dr.Amany R.Abo Elseod 1989 Zagazig
100 Plasma fibronectin I patients with bilharizial arthropathy Yousri Ragab Abdel Megeed Dr.M.H.Bassiouni - Dr.K.M.Abdel Hamed - Dr.Mohei Eldin M.Hamdy 1989 Al Azhar
101 Accidents among industerial workers in sharkia governorte Safaa Abdel Mozie El Neggar Dr.Samir M.Wassid - Dr.Said M.Khalifa 1989 Zagazig
102 Effect of organic solvent on liver fuction amon workers employed in electronic industries in egypt Abd El Rahman Abdel Magide Salem Dr.Mohamed Talat Abdel Aziz - Dr.Mohamed Farid Emara - Dr.Fawzi Ahmed Halawa  1989 Cairo
103 Review on integration health education programmes in industrial health care system in egypt  Khaled Abdel Aziz Khaled  Dr.Ahmed M.Emara - Dr.Mahmoud Samy  1989 Cairo
104 Utilizing the health belief model  for coronary heart disease patients in some hospitals in alexandria Ensaf Faid Abdel Gawad Dr.Mofida Mahmoud Kamal -Dr. Mohamed Darwish El-Bougy-Dr.Kawkab Mahmoud Khedr 1990 Alex
105 Obesity among adolescent girls in relayion feeding habits and socioeconomic status  Maissa M. Shawky M. Helmy Dr.Mahassen Abdel Fattah -Dr. Madiha Saiid Abdel Razek 1990 Cairo
106 Study of the effect of worke shift on hearing among cotton textile industry Amany Rifaat Mohamed Mahmoud  Dr. Mohamed K.El Sobky -Dr. Rifky Faris -Dr. Abdel Aziz M. Kamal 1990 Menofia
107 Nosocomial infection surveillance in a university hospital  Aisha Mohamed Abouel Fetouh  Dr. Aly Massoud -Dr. Rifky Faris -Dr. Nabil El Meheiry 1990 Ain Shams
108 Some  epidemiological characteristics of addicts attending special hospitals WITH REFERENCE TO RELAPSE RATE Hala Mohamed Aly  Dr.Mervat M. El -Rafie-Dr. Mona S. Mohamed 1990 CAIRO
109 The effect of exoosure to heat on the human eye Hesham Mohamed Aziz Abdou Dr.Mohamed Mamoud El -Batanont-Dr. Gamal Ahmed Barhoma-Dr. Anan Moustafa El-Mashad 1990 Cairo
110 Oral contraceptive pill as arisk factor in breast cancer Nelly Hassan Mohammed Ali El-Din Dr. Ibrahim Fouad Khalil -Dr. Amal Samy Ibrahim -Dr. Nafoussa Ali Afifi 1990 Cairo
111 Health hazards among workers exposed to different chemicals in paints industry  Abdel Bary F.Abdel Elbary Dr.Abdel Rahim S.Shoulah - Dr.Essam M,Elsawaf - Dr.Hala M.El Hady 1991 Benha
112 Study of hazard of working in bakeries within assiut governorate Soheir Abu Baker Hassan Dr.Hammam M.Hammam -Dr.Mohamed A.Eltorky  1991 Assuit
113 A study of diffusion in asbestosis among eptain workers  Dalia Ismail Attia  Dr.Gamal Hosny El Samra- Dr Yehia Ahmed - Dr.Maysa Mohamed Sharaf Eldin 1991 Cairo
114 Respiratory hazards among workers in flour milling industry  Randa Sami Radwan Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Zaghloul -Dr.Frederic Berge Ananian - Dr.Mona Sobhy Siha 1991 Cairo
115 Improved design of water networks with computer applied to east alexandria sector Wafaa Ebrahim El Shal  Dr.Hassan Mitwally - Dr.Medhat Shawky - Dr.Magdy Nagy 1991 Alex
116 Neurology effects of pesticides Mohamed Saleh El Beshlawy Dr.Mahmoud M,Amr - Dr.Hussein H.Zayet - Dr.Mohamed M.Salem  1991 Cairo
117 Haematoogical changes due to chronic benzene toxicity Khaled Gamal M.Mahgoub  Dr.Mohamed M.El-Ratanony-Dr. Mostafa .Aboul-Enein-Dr. Mohamed El Attar 1991 Cairo
118 Brucellosis in sharkia governorate an epidemiological tudy  Abd Alla Hassen Mohamed El- Sharkawy Dr.Samir Mohamed Wassif -Dr.Gamal Hosny El- Samra -Dr. Fadia El -Said El-Sabbagh 1992 Zagazig
119 Aluminum intoxication and its relation with dialysis engephalopathy Abber Mohamed Arafa Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud El Batanouni-Dr. M. Mostafa Salm 1992 Cairo
120 Health effects due to occupational  exposure to carbon  ddisulfide  essay Nachwa Mohamed El Mahdy Abdallah Dr. Gamal Hosny El-Samra-Dr.Mohamed Samir El-Attar 1992 Cairo
121 Lead expouser among children Nashwa Mahmoud Radwan Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Zaghloul-Dr. Abo.Bakrabbass Hussin-Dr.Amal Mohamed El Safty 1992 Cairo
122 Aflatoxins and liver toxicity Mohamed Ragaa El-Hady Ennara Dr. Ahmed M. Emara-Dr.Hussein H.Zayet 1992 Cairo
123 Radiatlionprotection with special reference to nuclear power plants Ahmed Farouk El-Said Attia Dr. Said Mahmoud Khalifa -Dr.Gamal Hosni Elsamra-Dr. Mohamed Magdi Nasif 1992 Zagazig
124 Early detection of manganese essy  Howayda Aly Hassan El- Kamshoushy Dr.Mahmoud Mohamed Amr -Dr. Hossam El Anwar Amin Abdel Latif-Dr.Amal El-Safty 1992 Cairo
125 Study of occupational health hazards on off-shore dilling platforms with emphasis on accidents Abdel Samieh Hassan Emam Dr.Mahmoud Mohamed Amr  -Dr. Mona Sobhy Siha 1992 Cairo
126 Occupational skin diseases in petroleum industry  Ahmed Tharwat Abdel Aziz Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Bmara-Dr.Hussein Hassan Zayet -Mohamed Mahmoud El Khosht 1992 Cairo
127 Antiknock agents (environmental and health effects ) Yahia Mohammed Masoudi Dr.Ahmed Emara - Dr.Mohamed M.El Batanoni -Dr Ohamed M. Salem  1993 Cairo
128 Abdominal ultrasonography of children receving hepatotoxic agents  Ehab Mohammed Bdul Aziz Eid  Dr.Saddia Abd El Fattah - Dr.Farida El Bas Mohamed  1993 Ain Shams
129 A study on infant growth and development and maternal influences  Mohamed Azmy M.Khafagy Dr.Olfat Farag Mohamd Ali - Dr.Adel Abdel Ghaffar El Ayed - Dr.Shadia M.K.Elsallab 1993 Mansoura
130 Nervous and reproductive toxicity induced by chronic manganese expouser in experimental rats  Essam Fayek Soliman Dr.Yehia Ahmed Zakaria - Dr.Mohamed Samir El Attar 1993 Cairo
131 Factors associated with accident proneness in industerial organizations Hanaa Gaber Metwally  Dr.Mohamed Mohmoud El Batanouny - Dr.Zein El Abdeen Darweesh - Dr Gheda Ahmed Abuo Elata 1994 Cairo
132 نحو دور للاخصائى الاجتماعى فى فريق السلامة و الصحة المهنية  سحر محمد احمد البدرى  د .احمد حنفى محمود - د.كمال اغا  1994 Cairo
133 Health hazards among workers exposed to oral hypoglycemic drugs Medhat Gamal Abdel Ghafour Dr.Gamal Elsamra - Dr.Abo Baker Abbas - Dr.Nabil Abdel Maksoud Abdalla 1995 Cairo
134 Occupational health hazards secondary to inhaled  dust particles in cement industry  Eman Morsy Mohamed  Dr.Abdel Hamid Ibrahim Guinena -Dr.Tarek Mahfouz Abdel Mageed -Dr.Ahmed Yousef El Kady 1995 Assuit 
135 The effect of the urabn environment on the pyschological health of the human being case study the governmental housing for low income people Mohamed Fouad Abdel Ghaffar Dr.Morad Abdel Kader - Dr.Mohamed H.Ghanem  1996 Ain Shams
136 Respiratory and renal manifestations in workers chronically exposed to cadmium compounds  Nashwa Mahmoud Radwan Dr.Mohamed Mahmoud El Batanouni - Dr.Yehia Zakaria Yasseen - Dr.Gehad Ahmed Aboel Ata 1996 Cairo
137 Health profile of children working in car repair work shops in dekernis Aiman Mohamed El Saed  Dr.Sohair Fouad El Bestar - Dr.El Sayed Abbas El Dessouky - Dr. Emily Awad Kamel  1997 Mansoura
138 Morbidity and use of health services among fertile woman practicing family planning in egyptain village  Salwa Farouk Hafez Dr.Ahmed M.Emara - Dr.Anan El Mishad - Dr.Gehad Ahmed Abou Elata  1997 Cairo
139 Evaluation and folow up of the level of true pseudo cholinesterase enzymes in workers exposed to pesticides  Nermeen Hamdy Mohamed Sayed  Dr.Mahmoud Mohamed Amr -Dr.Moa Sobhy Siha - Dr.Khaled Gamal Mahgoub 1997 Cairo
140 Evaluation of cardiac functions using thoracic electrical bio-impedance I asbestos exposed workers Amr Farid Al Bacil Dr.Mohamed Mahmoud El Batanouni - Dr.Yehia Ahmed  Zakaria -Dr.Dalia Ismail Attia 1998 4-Apr-98 Cairo
141 A study on the health hazards of manganese expouser with emphasis on its immunological effect Heba Mahdy Abd Allah Dr. Mohamed Samir El -Attar -Dr. Hossam El-Din El- Anwar Amin-Dr.Anan Mostafa El-Mishad 1998 Cairo
142 Noise- induced hearing loss in workers in cairo interntional airport Shermine Smir Abou-Bakr Abou-Alam Dr. Gamal Hosny El Samra-  Dr.Hossam El-Din El Anwar Amin-Dr.Nabil Abdel -Maksoud 1999 Cairo
143 Ventilatory lung functions and respiratory symptoms among agroup of   workers exposed to tea dust in 10thof ramadan city Reem Abbas Abbas Morsy  Dr. Ahmed Refat Ag.Ahmed Refat -Dr.Aida Abdel Hamid Hassan -Dr. Gamal El Sayed Borayek-Dr. Somia Mohamed Ali El Sheikh 1999 Zagazig
144 Some effects of noise among laundry workers at kasr el aini hospital  Sawsan Farouk Mohamed Helal  Dr.Frederic Berge Ananian -Dr.Mona Sobhi Siha-Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Salem 2000 Cairo
145  Cardiopulmonary responses to exercise testing in workers with chf and disability evaluation Neveen Abdel -Maksoud  A. Mansour Dr.Yehia Ahmed Zakaria -Dr. Amal Mohamed Kamal El-Safty -Dr. Khalid Gamal Mahgoub 2000 Cairo
146 Study of dna strand breaks among workers occupationally exposed to styrene Hazem Hassan Ahmed Osman  Dr.Kamal Mohamed Kandeel-Dr. Nihad Mohamed Abd-El Monheim-Dr.Magdy Yousef Shamy 2000 Alex
147 Hepatitis folloow up among pesticide formulators Aisha Mohamed Samir Dr.Mahmoud Mohamed Amr - Dr Mohamed Moustafa Salem -Dr Dalia Ismail Attia  2001 Cairo
148 The economigc cost of health hazards due to industrial pollution in the pharmaceutical industry case study in cid company El-Sadek Mohamed Said El-Sadek Dr.Mahmoud M. Nasr-Dr. Amal K. Elsafty -Dr-Mohamed K.Rihan 2001 Ain Shams
149 Some occupational health hazards among waste incinerator workers in mansoura city Mohamed El-Helaly Nasr El-Deen Dr.Nader Samy Naguib-Dr.Osama El- Baz El-Agroudy 2001 Mansoura
150 Utilizing the health belief model  for coronary heart disease patients in some hospitals in alexandria Weam Amin Mahmoud Shaheen Dr.Ahmed Emara-Dr.Nadia Badawy Abd-Elgawad-Dr.Mohamed Karam El-Basty 2002 Cairo
151 Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in workers with end- stage renal disease before and after hemodialysis Wessam Sabry Abdel-Shafy  Dr. Yehia Ahmed Zakaria -Dr. Dawlat Mohamed Belal -Dr.Khaled Gamal Mahgoub 2002 Cairo
152 Disability  evaluation due to viral hepatitis b and c  among health care workers at cairo university hospital Essam Elsayed Abd-Elrafaa Dr.Hussein Hassan Zayet -Dr. Gehad Ahmed Abo El-Ata 2005 Cairo
153 Chromosomal aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes of workers occupationally exposed to chromium nickel and cobal Nehal Mohamed Helmy Hussein Dr. Frederic Berge Ananian-Dr.Mona Sobhy Siha 2006 Cairo
154 Hepatitis b and c among health care personnel in jordan  Suleiman Ayed Ghattas Al- Hejazin Dr.Hossam El- Din El-Anwar Amin -Dr. Bahira Mohamed Said Lotfy 2009 Cairo
155 Cardiovascular manifestations among workers in meat production exposed to cold environment Shireen Salah El Din Amer Dr.Amal El Safty -Dr. Nabil Abdel Maksoud-Dr. Hossam Ibrahim Kandil 2009 Cairo
156 Studying antioxidants effect on cytogenetic manifestations of solvent exposure in paint industry Amir Mohamed Ahmed Elshahawy Dr.Amal Mohamed Kamal Elsafty -Dr. Fateheya Mohamed Metwaly -Dr.Aisha Mohamed Samir 2011 Cairo
157  The effect of impact and continuous noise on blood pressure and the hearing level of workers exposed to noise Mohamed Soliman El Hamshary Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Emara-Dr.Anan Mostafa El-Mishad -Dr.Sawsan Farouk Helal 2011 Cairo
May 15, 2013, 5:08 AM